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Topper's Place - Computers, Cooking, Gardening and more!

bulletPhoto: Entrance to yard
bulletTopper's Place - Gardening - Tips, Ideas, to save money, work
bulletPhoto: Coleus
bulletPhoto: Tomato Cart end of June
bulletTopper's Place - Container Gardening - Expand your growing space
bulletPhoto: Vegies in Pots
bulletPhoto: Alpine Strawberries
bulletTopper's Place - Soil Blocks: Make your own block makers and save money
bulletPhoto: Covered and waiting to grow
bulletPhoto: Seedling Starts
bulletDrawing: Small Cube
bulletDrawing: Small Cube with insert
bulletPhoto: Bottle
bulletPhoto: Cut Bottle
bulletPhoto: Ready to burn hole
bulletPhoto: Burning the hole 1
bulletPhoto: Parts
bulletPhoto: Finished Soil Block Maker 1
bulletPhoto: Finished Soil Block Maker 2
bulletPhoto: Block Maker in use
bulletPhoto: Making a Soil Block 1
bulletPhoto: Making a Soil Block 3
bulletPhoto: Soil Block 2
bulletPhoto: Soil Block 3
bulletPhoto: Seeds in Divits
bulletPhoto: Soil Blocks planted and ready to go
bulletPhoto: Such a simple tool
bulletTopper's Place - Pop Bottle Pots - Recycled bottles, make self-watering planters
bulletPhoto: Pop Bottle Pot with Strawberry Plant
bulletPhoto: Pop Bottle Pot Basil Seedlings
bulletPhoto: Basil seedlings in bottle pots
bulletPhoto: Basil 2-14-03
bulletPhoto: Basil 3-2-03
bulletPhoto: Tea Bottle Pot
bulletPhoto: Tea Bottle Pots
bulletPhoto: Future Pop Bottle Pots
bulletPhoto: Cutting Bottle for Bottle Pot
bulletPhoto: 2 Bottle Pots
bulletPhoto: Detail of bottle insert
bulletPhoto: Soldering Iron
bulletPhoto: Bottle Pot halves
bulletTopper's Place - Milk Jug Planters: Making what I couldn't afford to buy
bulletTopper's Place - Lettuce Boxes - Year round containers
bulletTopper's Place - Easy Watering: Containers, gardens, flowers
bulletTopper's Place - Hydroponics, an experiment using recycled materials
bulletPhoto: Peas ready to plant in soil pot
bulletPhoto: Beans ready to plant in soil pot
bulletPhoto: Limas ready to plant in soil pot
bulletPhoto: Pea seeds ready to soak
bulletPhoto: Dry Sprouting Container
bulletPhoto: Packing peanuts
bulletPhoto: Assembled Pop Bottle Pots
bulletPhoto: Hydroponics container bottom 1
bulletPhoto: Hydroponics container bottom 2
bulletPhoto: Three control pots day 1
bulletPhoto: Sprouting Towel day 1
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 2
bulletPhoto: Sprouting Towel day 2
bulletPhoto: Pea seeds soaking day 2
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 3
bulletPhoto: Sprouting Towel day 3
bulletPhoto: Pea seeds soaking day 3
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 4
bulletPhoto: Sprouting Towel day 4
bulletPhoto: Wet Towel Beans day 4
bulletPhoto: Soaked Beans day 4
bulletPhoto: Soaked Limas day 4
bulletPhoto: Soaked Limas day 4
bulletPhoto: Soaked Peas day 4
bulletPhoto: Soaked Peas day 4
bulletPhoto: Hydro Beans day 4
bulletPhoto: Hydro Pea day 4
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 5
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 5
bulletPhoto: Hydro Peas day 5
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 6
bulletPhoto: Sprouting Towel day 6
bulletPhoto: Soaked Limas day 6
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 6
bulletPhoto: Hydro Peas day 6
bulletPhoto: Hydro Limas day 6
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 7
bulletPhoto: Soil Peas day 7
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 7
bulletPhoto: Hydro Peas day 7
bulletPhoto: Hydro Limas day 7
bulletPhoto: Soil Bean day 8
bulletPhoto: Soil Peas day 8
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 8
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 8
bulletPhoto: Hydro Peas day 8
bulletPhoto: Hydro Limas day 8
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 9
bulletPhoto: Soil Peas day 9
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 9
bulletPhoto: Hydro Pea day 9
bulletPhoto: Hydro Lima day 9
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 10
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 10
bulletPhoto: Hydro Lima day 10
bulletPhoto: Hydro Pea day 10
bulletPhoto: Hydro Beans day 10
bulletPhoto: Hydro Limas day 10
bulletPhoto: Soil Pots day 11
bulletPhoto: Soil Peas day 11
bulletPhoto: Hydro Bean day 11
bulletPhoto: Hydro Pea day 11
bulletPhoto: Hydro Limas day 11
bulletTopper's Place - Pyramids - Take planting to the 3rd dimension
bulletPhoto: Petunia Pyramid
bulletPhoto: Plum Petunias
bulletPhoto: Front sidewalk
bulletTopper's Place - Gardening - Tips, Ideas, to save money, work
bulletPhoto: Greenhouse 2
bulletPhoto: Greenhouse 1
bulletPhoto: Thermal Storage 2
bulletPhoto: Thermal Storage 1
bulletPhoto: Flowering Maple
bulletTopper's Place - Square Foot Gardening - less time, space, work
bulletTopper's Place - Photo Album - A few shots from around the yard
bulletPhoto: Young Hyacynths
bulletPhoto: Shade Garden - left front
bulletPhoto: Matador Marigolds
bulletPhoto: Shade Garden - right front
bulletPhoto: West Morning Glory Wall - 1
bulletPhoto: West Morning Glory Wall - 2
bulletPhoto: West Morning Glory Wall - 3
bulletTopper's Place - Computers - Girl Geek, Commodores to Frankensteins
bulletPhoto: My Computers summer of 2001
bulletPhoto: My Computers summer 2002
bulletPhoto: Shelves 2001
bulletPhoto: Shelves 2002
bulletTopper's Place - Gadgets to make for your laptop or desk top
bulletPhoto: My favorite Laptop
bulletPhoto: Laptop on 'stilts'
bulletPhoto: Closeup of Stilts
bulletPhoto: Brackets and Recess
bulletPhoto: Plain Sunshade, front
bulletPhoto: Plain Sunshade, back
bulletPhoto: Folding Sunshade
bulletPhoto: Sunshade folded
bulletDrawing of Comm Center Profile
bulletPhoto: Comm Center, gadgets in place
bulletPhoto: All Done
bulletPhoto: Case Before
bulletPhoto: Muffler in Place
bulletPhoto: Underside of Muffler
bulletPhoto: Underside of AC
bulletPhoto: AC in Place
bulletTopper's Place - Computer Tips-n-Tricks - collected over the years
bulletTopper's Place - My Certifications - CompTIA to Brainbench
bulletTopper's Place - Cooking & Baking - Less work when you plan ahead
bulletTopper's Place - Recipes - Collections, Favorites and some of my own
bulletTopper's Place - Meats: Some favorites, some I'd like to try
bulletTopper's Place - Breads, stuff to try & some of my favorites
bulletTopper's Place - Meals - simple, fancy cook ahead - you choose
bulletTopper's Place - Sweets - For a special treat, or just because.
bulletTopper's Place - Sides - To balance the diet they make the meal
bulletTopper's Place - My Holiday Favs
bulletPhoto: Chocolate Meringue Tart
bulletPhoto: Chocolate Meringue Tart - sliced
bulletPhoto: Orange Meringue Tart
bulletPhoto: Orange Meringue Tart - sliced
bulletPhoto: Apple Crumb Tart
bulletPhoto: Apple Crumb Tart - sliced
bulletTopper's Projects - Home Based Business, e-commerce and more
bulletTopper's Place - About Me - Personal and professional
bulletPhoto: Hunny Bear Figurine
bulletTopper's Place - Hobbies - Escapes, Creativity, Relaxation
bulletTopper's Place - TV Shows, Movies and Books that I like
bulletTopper's Place - Sports - Something you do, not something on TV!
bulletTopper's Place - Pets - Make our lives richer
bulletTopper's Place - Jokes I Like - clean, cute, and funny
bulletTopper's Place - Blonde Jokes - Clean, Silly, Fun
bulletTopper's Place - Site Awards - The achievements of a self taught Web Master
bulletTopper's Place - Cool Links to pass along
bulletTopper's Place - Table of Contents, easiest way around the site
bulletTopper's Place - Feedback, Comments?
bulletSave-A-Step Mail Box Alert Kits - Save time and effort
bulletPhoto: View from front
bulletPhoto: View from rear
bulletPhoto: Mail is here
bulletMail Box Alert kit includes all parts needed to install on your mail box
bulletPhtoo: No mail yet
bulletPhoto: Left hand version
bulletPhoto: Right hand version
bulletPhoto: Custom view
bulletCustom Kit - Oversized mail boxes or to show off decorations
bulletLeft Hand Kit - Mail Box Alert Kit from Save-A-Step
bulletPhoto: Left hand version
bulletRight Hand Kit - Mail Box Alert Kit from Save-A-Step
bulletTopper's Place - ThyroPhoenix - learn more about thyroid
bulletMy Search for a Life Partner Begins Here - Are you the one?
bulletMy Expedition - Search for Soul Mate, partner, friend, love


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