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I am on an Expedition to find my soul mate....

The man that I can share the rest of my life with.

I thought that I had found him but it turned out that he was only acting, pretending, to be the man that I could love.

I've decided that I must find out if the man that he pretended to be really exists. If he does, and I can find him, he will be the happiest man in the world... Because of the love that we will have for each other.

For the love I felt for the man that I thought I knew was endless...

Table of Contents

I'm not looking for one night stands
The man that I seek
I want to share my life with someone that chooses to share his with me
Mandatory traits
What do I dream of?
Basics that just seem to be

I'm not looking for one night stands...

...  I'm not looking to land dates... I want to get to know you and find out who you are and how you think and feel. I want to find out if you are the man that I seek.

If it looks like you might be, we'll take it from there. If it should turn out that you are the one, I hope that we will be able to spend the rest of our lives together making each other happy as we share our love for each other.

As we experience laughter, joy, honesty, loyalty and devotion for one another.

If I can't have that, I'd rather be alone.

 I ask only for honesty and loyalty for that is what I will give.

It is such a simple thing to ask.

But it is so very important to me.

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The man that I seek...

...will allow me to be all the people that I am.


Home maker


Income earner


Computer geek




Best friend


and, well, 'the most attentive horizontal dance partner ever'...

He'll be my protector, provider, and best friend.

His love for me makes him naturally think of me before the rest of the world and I'll always be number one in his heart and mind - just as he is in mine.

I hope that he will share many of the hobbies and interests that I have but I also look forward to exploring his interests and hobbies and sharing new activities with each other.

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Mandatory traits

 Don't panic. There are only two...

I am not going to give on these. I did the last time, knowing that I shouldn't, and I ended up paying a price that was far too great.

I won't make that same mistake again...


I catch you in a lie. I walk. No discussion.

I catch you cheating. I walk. No discussion.

...that goes for stealing too...

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I want to share my life with someone that chooses to share his with me...

There will always be parts of our lives that are separate. Chances are good, that unless we work from home, our jobs will be different. We'll also have some friends that we may not have in common. But mostly our lives will be something that we will happily choose to share with each other.

Because of our love. Because we want to...

Forcing someone that you love to be with you is not love. It's control.
I don't want to control, or be controlled.

I want to know that if my love says that he would like to spend a day with me that he truly does. That he isn't just giving up a day to 'keep the peace'.

There is a difference...

We all need time to ourselves. To be able to participate in activities that perhaps we don't both share. That is good and healthy. There is also an additional plus. By doing 'our own thing' we get to come home and happily share the day with each other.

It's so much fun to hear how much the one you love enjoyed their day and be able to hear the highlights and stories from someone that is truly happy to be there with you.

Instead of sitting apart.


Because the one that is controlled dare not speak of their 'misdeed' to the one that is the controller.

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What do I dream of?

Most of all to look into my loves' eyes and know from those eyes that he loves me.

That he will always tell me the truth.

Even if it hurts.

He must always speak the truth.

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Basics that just seem to be...

 There are some traits that seem to matter, even though they are not really a part of the inner person - that do make a difference to me.

 I'm told that I'm a racist and prejudice for bringing these things up. I don't believe I am. I just feel that it is only being fair and honest to be up front in saying that my attraction to men with the same cultural and ethnic background as my own is stronger that my attraction to other groups of men. Just as I have no interest in a man looking for a relationship outside of his marriage, I prefer the thought of seeking out a man that is single and white, and, hopefully, in the US.

Yes, I know it's also possible that I'll find out that the man who's soul touches mine is green and from Pluto, and if he is, well, I guess I'll be moving out of state! But please, do not be angry or upset with me if my interest in you is only one of friendship if you are from a different culture from my own... It's because I fear the differences will be more than I am strong enough to handle.

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Oh, wow... This one too is hard. I've received some nasty comments about this. I want to explain...

My parents were more than a decade apart, and it worked for them. I've got friends that are 15 and 20 years younger or older than me and we get along great. But, I have noticed something, and maybe it's just me. But I find that the person that I spend most of my time with. The person that I hold in my heart. That person, I need to be closer to my own age, within about 5 or 6 years or so. It's not a hard and fast rule or anything. But there are points of reference and experiences that we all have based on what has happened in our lives. If the age range is too great our points of reference, our experiences, ideals and so many other small things end up being so far apart that it's easy to lose sight of the feelings you have for each other.

I dream of a man that will take my hand and walk side by side with me as we face life together... I don't want to be led. I don't want to be the leader. I want us to be equal.

So if you are a couple more years younger or older, but see that we have a lot in common. Stop by and visit for a bit and we'll see... there are always 'exceptions to the rule' and you may be one...

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