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right_hand.jpg (28055 bytes)Can be used for free standing box or when you need the flag to drop on the right hand side of the mail box because of the post mounting or your view of the box.


Key Benefits

bulletEasy to install...
bulletSaves time, effort and hassle...
bulletGreat gift!
bulletDoesn't interfere with outgoing mail signal flag...
bulletUses no magnets, switches, batteries or external power - nothing to wear out!
bulletSturdily made to last - not a cheap plastic add-on...
bulletFits most poly and metal mail boxes...
bulletDoesn't cover existing lettering or decorations.


Description SKU # Price*
Left Hand Kit SAS011-L 17.95
Right Hand Kit SAS011-R 17.95
Custom Kit SAS011-C 19.95

*Price does not include shipping

We will happily accept orders by mail (allow two weeks for personal checks to clear)

just drop me an email for details


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