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Here they are, my Certifications...

I'm told that a certificate isn't as impressive as a degree and that may be so to some folks. But if you stop and think about it, I've always found that the person who is able to learn by doing usually does a better job than the person that has learned how to do it but hasn't done it yet.

So, I may not have gone to a fancy school and spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of classes, I'm self-taught from books that I found in the local book stores combined with messing around with fixing and building computers over that last 6 or 7 years. But I can fix a busted pute and put a new one together. I can help most folks recover from a bad crash or virus infection. And, I enjoy doing what I do, and that's a lot more important than knowing where to look up which way the red stripe goes on the ribbon cable. Don't you think?

 I was very proud of passing the CompTIA A+ exams and just got really excited about continuing. I'd heard about Brainbench and the exams that they were offering from a friend of mine. I'd taken a couple of practice tests at their site before heading in for the first CompTIA exam. After passing the A+ exams, though, I just had to see what else I could do, so off I went. Some of the certificates are for things that are a little bit off topic for being computer related but they still show that I have a brain or two rattling around in my head.

I hope to continue taking exams as time and money permit, although they do offer free exams, and newly released exams are free for a limited time.. so I like to swing by to see what's new. The free exams don't include the paper certificates, but then I'm running out of space to display them anyway! hehehehe

I'll admit that I do get a kick out of telling someone that I'm now A+ certified!

Not to mention the look in their eyes when I go down the list of additional certifications I hold.

You can check out Brainbench if you're looking for a place to get certification exams or if you've been looking for a way of qualifying employees.



























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