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I like to share and to show off, and some of the stuff that we've been talking about in the Container Gardening Group bring these pictures to mind. So I thought I'd post some from my album, I hope you like them...

They are in no particular order. Just as I run across them, and have time to add, so you get to snoop!  :)

Hyacyn.jpg (70609 bytes)Some of the hyacinths that I forced every year to give as gifts.



Lfttung1.jpg (78942 bytes)A section of 'shade' garden. This spot got about an hour of sun in the morning and about an hour and a half before sunset no actual full sun at all. It was on a north wall.


Matador.jpg (106485 bytes)This section was on an east facing wall, that was blocked from southern sun. So it got early morning sun and high noon and then it was back in the shade.


Rhtlung.jpg (63923 bytes)Another shade garden on a north wall. Indirect sunrise sun.. Full shade during the day. Indirect sun for about an hour and a half late day.


westmg1.jpg (66109 bytes)    westmg2.jpg (73031 bytes)    westmg3.jpg (54473 bytes)

Three stages of growth of my west facing morning glory wall. Very low maintenance. A board edging for easy lawn mowing, deep mulch - so no weeding, and my compostable trellis - just cut the plants at soil level at the end of the season. Unhook the trellis at the top of the house and let the wall drop. Let the heap dry for a day or two and then kick it into a bundle that you can throw in a wheel barrow and cart it off to the compost pile. Hose down the side of the house and it's all done.


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