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Table of Contents

My Setup
How I started out in computers
...and where I am today...
Laptop Modding
Computer Tips and Tricks
Latest specials at one of my favorite online stores...

My Setup

A view of my Putes summer of 2001
Yep, I'm guilty, I love showing off my equipment - don't we all? Here is a picture of the putes that I had set up in my office over the summer of 2001... You can click on it to get a better look.

putes02.JPG (61275 bytes)Here we have a shot of my system setup over the summer of 2002. A couple of additions and changes, most notable non-tech, are  my bears. The ones that were stolen have still not been returned but the others are back in there accustomed locations and are quite happy to be back on display.

Oh my gosh, this is sad.. my set up is exactly the same in 2003 as it was in 2002.... That just means that I've hit perfection, right? *wink*

Didn't get a chance to get a pic in 2004.. but not that much had changed either. But 2005 is here and I have a few new additions... Now... if I can't scrounge a decent camera I'll use mine. But it won't be a really sharp one... Now.... where is that camera?

Can you tell that I'm into putes? hehehe

Here is a before and after shot of the other desk in my office. I wanted to show what you can do with a bit of imagination. Using scraps of stuff that I had laying around, some empty jewel cases and some black electrical tape I came up with a CD storage rack that took up a lot less space than the unit that I had purchased and holds more than twice the disks! If you think about it, could you do the same? Better organization means less work when it comes to hunting down CDs - not to mention having more room to work when you're tearing a system apart or laying out parts for a new build.

shelves2001.JPG (58104 bytes)    Shelves.JPG (51360 bytes)

table of contents

How I started out in computers...

I started with Commodores in the early 80's. My first was a Commodore VIC 20 with 5K of RAM, no drives and patched into my TV! Remember those? Had to get out my notebook and type in the programs every time I wanted to do anything... 

The PDA that I carry in my pocket today can do more than those machines ever could!

In '94 I switched over the IBM compatibles when my father and I started a BBS called Deal$ and Dollar$. We were running Wild Cat! 4.0. Had no idea when we first started that project that I'd end up where I am today.

In '96 I put together my first system. I bought a book. Took it to work with me and read it while running the blasted machine that I was assigned to during the week before the computer fair. Got to the fair. Bought the parts and put together my first machine. It was a 486 DX4 100, with 16 meg of RAM! Awesome! hehehehe 

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... and where I am today...

I've built 43 machines since then... and fixed and upgraded dozens and dozens of others. I've even had quite a few laptops that I've had the 'fun' of fixing. I love picking computers apart and making them run again. 

Not too much scares me anymore, though, I'll tackle just about anything.

I started taking exams around Thanksgiving, in 2000, with the thought in mind that I would be able to verify that I knew a thing or two about computers. I've still got a long way to go but I have a 'couple' of certifications now to show off when I'm telling people that I like dinging with them. I know - you're just dying of curiosity. The link is up above, on the left if you want to go peak... hehehe

Current projects include web site design and a commercial site. My dad and I are partners once again. This time to market his inventions. He's retired now and spending even more time in his shop working on his gadgets - well, when he's not traveling! hehehe. We've got one of his gadgets featured so far. More will be added as patents are issued. You're more than welcome to swing by and check it out...

Wish us luck!

Most of my time is now spent as a thyroid patient advocate. Working on several support groups that I co-own with a friend in Texas and a website that we'll be adding to as time goes one. If you want to learn more about thyroid for yourself or family member, swing by sometime, you're more than welcome!

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Laptop Modding

Just started a new group for laptops in June of 2005... modding inside and out, gabbin about what we can do with, and to, our machines. 

You're welcome to swing by if you're into modding and/or laptops!


Click here to join Laptop_Modification
Click to join Laptop_Modification

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Computer Tips and Tricks

I've set up a tips section to add on the site, for those silly little tricks and shortcuts that you occasionally run across that have you going 'oh my god! I can do that??" Some of them are really fun. I'll be adding them a few at a time, the link is up on the left. The newest ones will be added at the top, just like my recipes are, so that you don't have to scroll the entire list to see if there is anything new.

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Latest specials at one of my favorite online stores...

Just to let you take a peek at the current specials over at Computer Geeks... they change daily so it pays to keep a look out so you don't miss out on any of the cool toys! hehehehee

table of contents


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