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We're all human and we're all curious about those around us. So for those that are curious about me. Here's a spot to check out a thing or two about Topper....

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Photo of Hunny Bear Figurine (7428 bytes)Basics
For those that are curious about my handle...
Fun things?
I'm a Country Girl


I don't smoke, drink or drug, and prefer to be around the same type of people.

I'm 5'10" tall and 47 years old with long dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

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For those that are curious about my handle...

It's a pretty simple story...
My father has an invention that he patented. It's called Topper Tilt. It's  a gadget that lifts and tilts a pickup topper so that you have easier access to the bed of the truck. I took the name from that...

The number is because when I went to get my first email address on the Internet Topper was already taken. The option was Topper1. I didn't like it. I closed out and thought about it for a while. All of a sudden it hit me. I'd been Topper on my BBS for over a year, just because someone else had already taken it didn't mean that I couldn't be a Topper too! So I became Topper2. Now all my addresses are either topper2 or toppertwo... Most folks still just call me Topper, though.

But I still think the movies were great!

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Fun things?

I'm not much of a 'going out' type. Dinners out are a treat. I like home cooking (especially my own) and atmosphere better... Same with movies...  I do have a favorite restaurant - for when I do go out - It's Old Country Buffet. Why? Because I get to choose what I want. Sometimes I'm in a vegie mood, sometimes fruit, sometimes meat... at OCB I get to choose what I'm in the mood for and I really like that - and lets not forget the 'all you can eat popcorn shrimp' nights! hehehehe

I'm a jeans and t-shirt type person that prefers being comfortable over 'putting on a show' or 'keeping up with the Jones's'.

I'm a Country Girl

I consider myself more of a country person than city. The town that I grew up in is pretty small, but was still only about half an hour from the big city. We have to lock the doors at night now, but then you do just about everywhere. But you can still hear the crickets sing at night and smell the occasional skunk, and spot the occasional deer. And, every once in a while we spot a hawk or eagle over the river.. that's still pretty neat to me.

Our folks took us camping every weekend and winters we went ice fishing and being out in the country we could snowmobile right from the yard.

We had a nice stand of woods only a few blocks from the house. I used to spend hours there with my sketch books or just walking around or sitting and enjoying 'the wild'. That's actually something I'd like to get into again, pencil sketches. It's something that I drifted away from over the years that I feel now might be fun to do again.

Many of the trees are gone now, replaced by roads and houses... But the area is still really nice. My dad is still living in the same house.

It would be grand to be living in the country again.
Another something to work for...

Maybe with enough of a yard for a garden and a bit of space for another solar greenhouse?

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