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So Easy to Install!

Your new Mail Box Alert kit includes all the parts that you'll need to install on your existing mail box in just a few minutes, complete with a set of instructions!

Don't worry about the weather. Your Mail Box Alert kit by Save-A-Step can be installed in rain or shine, heat or cold! You won't have to clean and dry the box if it's damp or heat anything up if it's cold out.

Just grab a hammer and a screwdriver and you're all set!

Saves time, effort and hassle - a great gift

Your Mail Box Alert System by Save-A-Step lets you check to see if your mail has arrived without having go out to the box to check. Just imagine the time and effort you'll save not having to guess when the mail has arrived! What an excellent gift for folks that don't have the time or energy to keep running out to check the box. For those of you that check your boxes when you get home from work - wouldn't you love not having to climb out of the car to an empty box? You'll be able to take a quick peek as you're pulling up to the house and know if you have to get out or not - makes a big difference when it's raining cats and dogs or if the snow is blowing cold! Great idea for those that have mobility problems (seniors and the handicapped) you can now just look to check if the mail has come and then make only one trip or know that the one that gets it for you will only make the trip when the mail has actually arrived - no more wasted trips for them either! An Excellent gift for anyone with a curbside or rural mailbox - the type of gift that gives year 'round.

If you send mail out from your mail box..

Won't block 'Mail Out' Flag (42175 bytes) Not a problem. Your new alert flag will not interfere with the outgoing mail signal flag that you already have on your box. Place your letters in the box and lift the outgoing mail signal flag just as you always have, your mail carrier will pickup as usual.

Choose the model the best suits you...

Mail Box Alert Kit - Left HandLeft Hand Mount (37674 bytes)    

Can be used for free standing box or when you need the flag to drop on the left hand side of the mail box because of the post mounting or your view of the box.

Mail Box Alert Kit - Right HandRight Hand Mount (28055 bytes)

   Can be used for free standing box or when you need the flag to drop on the right hand side of the mail box because of the post mounting or your view of the box.

Mail Box Alert Kit - Custom

Custom View (30138 bytes)We can modify the kit to fit most custom size boxes for length or position. No need to worry if you've got the sides or front of your box decorated. The kit is designed to leave the side and front of the box clear to display your unique style and still allow you to 'save a step'.  If you have an unusual/unique/custom mailbox - drop us an email with a description and we'll see if we can set you up with a kit for your special needs.

We will happily accept orders by mail (allow two weeks for personal checks to clear)

just drop me an email for details


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