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Hi, I'm Linda, most folks call me Topper, a few know me as ThyroGeek.

My yard entrance '98I'm glad you had a chance to stop by! You can check the links on the left to find out more about me and some of my interests or just click on the Contents button at the top of any page to shoot straight to the Table of Contents.

Depending on your own interests... you can check out my gardening exploits (including solar greenhouse and container gardening). Learn how to make pop bottle pots, pop bottle waterers, soil block makers, and lettuce boxes), check out the recipes, or computer hints and tips, all kinds of things tucked away here and there for those who care to explore. Even a few jokes that I've come across over the years.

Areas you might want to check out:

Gadgets to Make.

A page of some of the weird/odd/cheap/FREE gadgety things that I've made for my computers and office. From keeping a laptop cooler for under 2 bucks to a free sunshield for using a laptop outside. I kinda like coming up with stuff that I can make on my own, easier on the budget and, hey, my stuff is all CUSTOM! hehehehehe You'll be able to see how I came up with the designs, maybe you can use the same ideas or can modify them to suit your needs and resources.

My One Commercial Plug

SAS2002o.gif (140230 bytes)Do you love living out in the country but hate trudging out to the mail box all the time? If you like to keep an eye on your mail and collect it as soon as you can. Check out our little gadget.

Help protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft.

The Beginning...

I started this site in March of 2001 it was just one page then with a focus on finding 'that special someone' and as time has passed I've added a page here and there, with a bit more about myself and a bit more about my hobbies, hoping to share some of the info that I've picked up over the years. 

Now I've even gotten involved with another project, Thyroid Disorders. A subject very near and dear to my heart. A great place to start researching for you, or someone you care for.

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One of my favorite online stores...

I am a computer "geeky" type and I do love bargains. I end up sending lots of folks to these guys when they're looking for one thing or another so I thought I'd put their link here so that it would be easier to hook up with them. Happy Shopping!

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