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Cool sites

From time to time I run across sites that intrigue me, great prices, interesting info, freeware/shareware, what ever... With the internet so incredibly vast/huge, there is no way we'll ever find everything that is of interest to us. So I thought maybe I would pass on sites that I've happened across just to let other folks be aware of them. I'm not gonna go into all kinds of descriptions. I'll let you decide by the URL or if it's too vague I'll add a one-liner....
(they'll open new browser windows so you can come back here! hehehehehe)
AdAware - Removes adware/spyware from your computer. Freeware
Just weird gadgety geeky things for sale.
Whisper 32 - A passworded account/password cataloger. Not spyware. Independent of being online. Allows you to keep track of your accounts and passwords, with URLs and a section for keeping notes on the site.


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