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Gotta have critters in your life. At least I hope you do. I've had pets everywhere I've lived that I was allowed. Some of the apartments that I was in didn't allow them and I don't have any now because I'm hoping to find something more permanent. Not fair to a pet to move them around all the time if you can help it.

Over the years I've had all kinds of pets. The usual ones like dogs and cats, birds, hamsters and fish, some a bit more unusual like chinchillas and alligators. As with most of my hobbies I've always tried to find a way for the hobby to pay it's own way so I've raised birds, fish and hamsters off and on over the years and my folks were into chinchillas when I was in school.

I've had as many as 2-dozen aquariums set up at one time and when I was into hamster breeding I was producing about 100 youngsters a week. I've never made a fortune on any of my projects. But I enjoyed what I was doing and didn't go broke in the process.

For the bit more unusual. I had Piranhas. The first batch was raised on goldfish.. very expensive, and messy. They went on to a pet shop when they were too big for my tank (only a 60 gallon for a dozen fish). The second batch I raised on raw meat.. also kind of expensive and messy. Once they were too big, they also moved on. The last dozen I raised I was a bit wiser, these were fed on Top Choice Dog food. Much cheaper, much cleaner and the fish absolutely thrived on it! If I should ever do this again I'll be setting up with a least a 100 gallon tank and plan on keeping the fish. They are just fascinating. Of all the fish I kept this species was the only one that I could watch for entertainment and not just relaxation. They actually played games! I kid you not! One would decide to start a game of tag.. he'd whip around the tank and the others would start dodging him until he caught up with one and would bump them with his nose. That one would then be 'it' and he'd go racing after someone until he could bump them, they would play for hours, it was just great fun to watch.

I don't know if I'll get as involved again as I once was. But I wouldn't mind having a dog or cat (or maybe two) running around the house again, and waking to the song of a few birds in the morning is something that I miss very much.


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